WATCH: SPIN Chats To Ella Hend...


WATCH: SPIN Chats To Ella Henderson About New Album, Irish Gigs & More

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:46 24 Jan 2022

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SPIN catches up with Ella Henderson

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Ella Henderson for a chat recently.

They talked about her new album due out in March, supporting The Script on tour later this year, and more.

Sarina asked Ella how she feels about returning to Ireland later this year.

She admitted she's, "so excited!"

"I cannot wait. I absolutely love those boys, I love Danny and I just can't wait to get touring again."


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Ella said she's really looking forward to visiting Ireland again.

"You guys are always such an amazing crowd, whenever we perform live to you guys you just appreciate live music so much."

"Yeah, I'm buzzing, I'm very excited," she added.

The pair also talked about the, "pinch me moments," in Ella's career.

She admitted she finds it, "so bizarre," when she arrives in a different country and hears her voice on the radio.

The singer also finds it, "surreal," that she's been to The Ellen Show and The Today Show in the US.

"I think anytime I've ever performed for anything, I just feel so grateful."

Ella said one of the coolest moments was performing the national anthem for the FA Women's Cup Final in Wembley Stadium.

Sarina went on to ask Ella about her new album, and why it's titled Everything I Didn't Say.

She admitted there's, "no big juicy secret to the album."

"I think it's just more a case of I feel more comfortable in my skin now so I feel ready to talk and open up about anything..."

Watch Ella's full interview with Sarina here:

Everything I Didn't Say is due out in March.

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