WATCH: Holly Willoughby Brands...


WATCH: Holly Willoughby Brands Piers Morgan 'Mean' After He Slams The Kardashians

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

10:42 10 Sep 2020

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Holly Willoughby brands Piers Morgan, 'mean'

Holly Willoughby branded Piers Morgan, "mean," for slamming the Kardashians during an appearance on This Morning.

The broadcaster made it clear that he thinks they're, "a bunch of talentless wastrels."

And he's delighted the show is coming to an end after 20 seasons.


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Holly told Piers, "You are cruel. I always think this - you are really, really mean."

"They are human, they are people with feelings," she pointed out.

Piers cut across her to say the Kardashians are, "conning the world," into thinking, "there's something compelling about them."


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"It's like candyfloss for the brain..."

When Holly defended they entertain people, Piers asked, "What's entertaining about them?"

She explained, "It's like candyfloss for the brain and sometimes we need that!"

But no matter what she said, there was no way Holly was going to change Piers' mind.


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He continued, "I literally felt like the few times I accidentally caught it on the TV, I could feel my brain cells starting to erode."

"They have done nothing but make the world more stupid."

Piers said the end of the Kardashians is, "a rare moment in a horrible year," where the country should be celebrating.


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The 55-year-old expressed his concern for the, "young impressionable girls," watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Holly said, "You started this conversation saying people were entitled to their own opinion."

He responded, "Yes. And I'm entitled to mine!"

Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner has revealed her family never told her that KUWTK was ending.

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