WATCH: Finn & Paige Chat Getti...


WATCH: Finn & Paige Chat Getting Told Off By Producers, Applying For Love Island & More

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

09:20 5 Mar 2020

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Finn & Paige chat all things Love Island

Love Island 2020 winter series winners Paige and Finn sat down for a chat with Closer this week.

They talked about their time in the villa, producer input, the application process and more.

When asked how they were approached to appear on the show, Finn admits he actually applied.

He says, "I actually wasn't approached, I applied. Yeah it was just after a day at work one Friday, I'd had a few beers."

Finn reveals he stopped applying half way through because they wanted a video and he was on the train home.


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First date night in London 😘!! You know what they say about the 29th of Feb ...

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Later that day, Finn saw a post on Instagram from an ex Islander and it reminded him to complete his application.

"So I went upstairs, put a t-shirt on, in my boxers, socks still on and just done it yeah."

Paige asks her boyfriend what he said in the video and responds, "Hi, I'm Finn and get me in that villa."

Meanwhile, Paige reveals she was actually approached through social media.

When asked if they went on the show to find love, they both agree they did.

Finn asks Paige, "Did you find it?" and she replies, "I found love."


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They've made us laugh, cry and feel all the love! ❤️ Say hello to your winners, Paige and Finn 👏 #LoveIsland

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Finn's brother was starstruck by Paige

Finn goes on to tell the story of the first time Paige met his brother.

The reality star makes the revelation that his brother was a little bit starstruck by Paige.

He shyly asked her for a photograph.

When asked if they ever got told off by producers, Finn, without hesitation, points to Paige.

Paige admits, "I was the queen of getting told off."

It turns out her getting told off has a lot to do with her love for naps.

Finn reminds her why she got in trouble so much, "How it took you half hour to wake up in the mornings."

"Do this, do that. Can I go to sleep? No, no you can't Paige, we're trying to make a TV show; you cannot just sleep all day."

Paige adds, "I mean it does not help that I'm lazy... That was on me, that was on me."

Meanwhile, you can check out Siânnise and Luke T's chat with Closer here.

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