WATCH: Anna Kendrick Opens Up...


WATCH: Anna Kendrick Opens Up About Her Experience Protesting In LA

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

11:52 8 Jun 2020

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Anna Kendrick talks protesting in LA

Anna Kendrick appeared on James Corden's The Late Late Show for a chat recently.

She opened up about her experience protesting in LA, revealing a cop car was set on fire just minutes after she left.


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The Pitch Perfect actress described her experience at the protest as, "really positive."

She said, "It was really moving and meaningful. And I found it to be totally peaceful."

Anna admitted she was nervous before going because of all the violence lately.

But it seems she had nothing to worry about, "It was so wonderful."

However, those who continued to protest after she left didn't have the same experience.

She said, "I looked at my phone after about 20 minutes after leaving and I saw that there were rubber bullets being fired and that a cop car was on fire."


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"And at first I honestly thought that's a mistake like that can't be true I was just there you know?"

"You know when a situation is escalating and things are about to go crazy... and it just wasn't that so it was pretty alarming to see what happened so soon after leaving."

Later in the interview, Anne spoke about how she's been educating herself amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

To learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how you can support and educate yourself, click here.

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