Taylor Swift Fans Are Protesti...


Taylor Swift Fans Are Protesting Her Relationship With Matty Healy

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

12:23 18 May 2023

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Trigger warning: racism, abuse. 

Taylor Swift fans are making it clear they do not support her and Matty Healy's relationship.

Over the last few weeks, Taylor has been seen holding hands with Matty and he's also attended a multiple of her Eras Tour concerts in America.

But now, diehard Swifties are turning their backs on her because of Matty's views on women of colour.

Matty has admitted to masturbating to Ghetto Gaggers, an extreme porn website which features women of colour being humiliated and degraded by white men.

In 'The Adam Friedland Show' podcast, Matty joked about watching about a pornographic video where a woman of colour was "brutalised."

He has also made racist comments about Ice Spice in the podcast, which has since been taken down by Spotify and Apple Music due to the offensive content.

Fans of Taylor are devastated by Taylor dating Matty, and feel it's not in line with how Taylor has presented herself as a feminist.

In 2017, she won a sexual assault trial after a man reached under her skirt and grabbed her bum at a meet-and-greet.

She sued him for $1 as a symbolic gesture and pledged to donate to organisations that support sexual assault victims with their legal fees.

Fans are claiming that must have been Taylor's "activism era" and she's now moved past it.


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What are fans saying?

In the 'GaylorSwift' sub-reddit, fans have confessed they've stopped streaming her music and unliked all of her posts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr as they cannot support her new romance.

They've also cancelled their pre-orders of Taylor's next album release, Speak Now (Taylor's Version). 

One commenter said they have "just unfollowed her on everything," with another replying that they were "doing the same."

Some fans are even considering selling their tickets for Taylor's sell-out Eras Tour, claiming the "sparkle had "been dimmed."


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How about the Taylor Swift sub-reddit?

Meanwhile, fans in the 'TaylorSwift' sub-reddit have called her relationship "a slap in the face" for POC.

One Redditor, Moment_13 explained that they had distanced themselves from former friends in the past after their friends made racist comments. Now, they're looking at Taylor in the same way.

"To me, her parading him around speaks volumes about her character and her values. And I don't like it," they explained.

Meanwhile, BlackCat0305 wrote,"I can’t help but to feel disappointed by Taylor... This whole Matty situation leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Her reputation was LITERALLY at its best prior to this and this is who she chooses to associate herself with."

Many have said they're looking for other artists to support instead, with some choosing to listen to Ed Sheeran's new album, Subtract, instead of Taylor.


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Despite many Swifties describing themselves as previously being "diehard" fans, they're not certain there's a way for Taylor to recover from this.

Many have claimed a break-up wouldn't be enough, as they need a public apology and a commitment from Taylor to support people of colour and women. Fans are calling her publicly dating him "unforgivable."

"It’s one thing for her to date him, but she is giving him a public platform by allowing him to perform on HER tour – essentially rubbing him in her fans’ faces and endorsing him and his disgusting behaviour," one person wrote.

Another called it "evidence of [Taylor's] morals and ethics."

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