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SPIN Chats To Amy Shark About New Music, Working With Ed Sheeran & More

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:24 17 May 2021

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Amy Shark chats to SPIN

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Australian singer/songwriter Amy Shark for a chat recently.

They spoke about her brand new album, what it was like collaborating with Ed Sheeran, and her experience meeting Nicole Kidman.

Sarina asked Amy how it feels to not only share such personal information in her music, but then to go out and perform it live.

"I think you just have to like go into a different world each time," Amy began her response.

"You're sort of juggling a lot of things."

She explained, "In my head, I'm like, entertaining. People have paid money to come to the show."

"I've got to focus on singing, I'm looking at someone in the crowd, I'm remembering where to move at that time."

"And then also trying to take in the moment, and what the song is about, and why I wrote it and try and visit that place..."

"It's a real big juggling act"

Amy explained this juggling act is the reason why artists are exhausted by the end of a performance.

"It's a real big juggling act, and it's a lot to balance, but if you can get it right, it's the best feeling ever."

Later in the interview, Sarina asked Amy what it was like writing a song with Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban.

"Yeah, it was pretty wild. I still look at that... and I can't believe I pulled that off."

Sarina asked her to share the story of how she ended up working with Ed, and Amy began by admitting, "It was a bit of a hustle."

"I've managed to make some great friends, and I dropped the right little bread crumbs at the right time."

"Russell Crowe actually had a big part in this."

"He's a big friend of Ed's and I may have dropped to him that I wouldn't mind working with Ed and yeah, he kind of made that connection happen."

Amy insisted that despite her popularity and her record deal, she still has to hustle if she wants to make it in this industry.

A surreal experience

The artist admitted it is surreal for her to be name dropping people like Keith Urban, Russell Crowe and Ed Sheeran.

She explained that it's like she's on a rollercoaster, and it's only when she stops and thinks about it, that she realises how far she's come.

Amy revealed she once met Nicole Kidman at Russell's home for dinner.

"I remember getting in the cab after that and I screamed."

"'Cause I had to be so well behaved obviously and just I don't know, it's so much. It was just so crazy to think I was at this table with these people."

Watch Sarina's full interview with Amy here:

Amy's new album Cry Forever is out now.

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