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SPIN Chats To Noah Reid About Schitt's Creek, His Quarantined Wedding & More


09:01 15 Oct 2020

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SPIN chats to Noah Reid

SPIN presenter Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Noah Reid this week.

He's best known for his role as Patrick in Schitt's Creek.

Noah talked to us about the final season of Schitt's Creek and the Emmy Awards that followed.

He also reminisced on his quarantined wedding over summer.

And he spoke about his brand new album Gemini, which is out now.

Simply the best...

Sarina asked Noah about his character's most iconic scene; when he serenaded David.

The actor revealed he had put out a brand new song in 2016, and his onscreen boyfriend, Dan Levy, went to the release show.

"I had just joined the cast of Schitt's Creek, and he was at my release show."

"And I think maybe some wheels got spinning in his head about how he can use my musical world to enhance the world of Schitt's Creek."

It turns out it was Dan who decided Patrick would perform The Best by Tina Turner in that particular scene.

And it was Noah who came up with the version they used on the show.

Sarina asked him if he was nervous to perform in front of the cast and crew.

Noah pointed out that he's been performing in front of people for a long time so he's had some experience.

However, he admitted he was a little bit nervous on the first take, especially considering acting icon Catherine O'Hara was watching.

Getting the part

Later in the interview, Noah revealed he hadn't watched the first three seasons of the show when he joined the cast.

He explained, "I'm not a huge television watcher... I had seen the first episode and been like, 'oh this is great.'"

"When I got the audition to do it, I was like, 'I don't think I can watch all this now and psyche myself out.'"


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"September 3rd."⠀ ⠀ "That's my wedding day."⠀ ⠀ 💛 Happy day, David and Patrick!

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"I need to come at this sort of clean."

Noah added that it worked because his character was also new to the scene.

He admitted he was very nervous, "and completely daunted by the process of joining the show."

The actor soon discovered the cast were such, "lovely, genuine, generous people."

The final season

Sarina asked whether the cast tried to convince Dan (the co-creator and star of the series) not to end the show.

Noah admitted they all had their own subtle ways of, "trying to be like, 'Boy wouldn't this be fun if we could do this for a couple more years!'"

Obviously, they failed in their attempts to dissuade the creators from ending the show.

But Noah hopes they can all reunite some day.

"Hopefully, maybe, one of these days we can get back together and do something."


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Huge, huge thanks to @glaad for this wonderful honour! 💛 #GLAADAwards

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The Emmys

Noah said it some ways, it was good that the Emmy Awards took place virtually.

"We would not have been able to be so exuberant in the company of anyone else."

But he added it would have been fun to claim their prizes in front of all those famous people.

Noah said he's so proud of his co-stars for all their wins and their performances.

He admitted it was, "such a perfect way to end the show," for the whole cast and crew, as well as fans all around the world.

Schitt's Creek swept the floor at this year's Emmys, winning 7 awards.


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"a celebration of inclusivity, a castigaton of homophobia, and a declaration of the power of love." 💛

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The wedding

Noah and his partner Clare tied the knot amid the pandemic in July.

He told Sarina that it turned out to be a really special night, even though it wasn't the ideal situation.

"Being able to do that in the middle of all this was pretty amazing."


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A Wedding by Clare and Noah 25.07.2020 📷 @innayas

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Noah added that he feels that way about a lot of things right now.

"The sweet moments are a little sweeter, that's kind of what I'm holding onto."

"I'll definitely remember [2020] as a complex year, but a pretty fruitful one I think."


Noah's brand new album Gemini is out now.

He spoke to Sarina about how it feels to perform brand new songs for the first time.

The artist said it places you in a very vulnerable position, "You're sort of pulling back the curtain on something..."

"And sharing a part of yourself, that you might not necessarily in conversation."

He admitted every time he performs a song, he's, "reminded of the circumstances in which I wrote the song, or where I was when I wrote the song."

"When you play them over and over again, your mind kind of wanders into different spaces."

Watch Sarina's full interview with Noah here:

Noah's second album Gemini is out now.

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