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Selling Sunset Star Heather Leaves The Oppenheim Group's L.A. Office

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

11:27 2 Dec 2020

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Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young is leaving The Oppenheim Group's L.A. office.

Founder Jason Oppenheim made the revelation during a chat with Fox News recently.

It turns out the brokerage are launching a new office at Newport Beach.

Jason said, 'Heather is going to be working out of that office and my best friend is going to be managing the office.'

'The office that we're looking at is insane. I mean, it's insane. So hopefully I'll be signing the lease soon.'

He added, 'And we're getting a lot more listings down here, to be honest.'

'We're going to have people calling us from all around Newport and all around Orange County asking us to list their homes and represent them on buys, so it just I feel like it's the natural progression and it's the next area for us to expand.'

Good news for fans

Fans of Heather will be happy to hear she has no intentions of leaving the Netflix show.

A rep for the group told Fox News she'll be, 'popping into the Orange County office,' but she, 'won't be going anywhere.'

In fact, Jason hopes her partner Tarek will, 'appear on at least one [episode].'

'Tarek has become a friend to us and a part of the family. And I do hope that that is presented on the show too.'

Tarek previously told Fox News, 'there's a very good chance,' he could appear on screen with Heather.

He said, 'I would be thrilled to go film with Heather on television.'

'I think that would be such a fun experience for us.'

Fingers crossed Selling Sunset is renewed for season four.

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