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Sabrina Carpenter Shares What Touring With Taylor Swift Is Like

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:57 17 May 2024

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Imagine seeing The Eras Tour every night?

Sabrina Carpenter has been killing it since she started supporting Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour.

Between going viral constantly with her 'Nonsense' outros, releasing Espresso (aka the catchiest song of the summer) and let's not forget, she's dating Barry Keoghan? This gal has got it all going on.

It turns out, opening for Taylor Swift is as incredible as we've imagined.

While chatting with Cosmo, Sabrina explained why she feels "so genuinely lucky" to perform on the tour with the most in-demand tickets of the year.


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Before touring with Taylor, Sabrina had did two legs of her Emails I Can't Send tour which she called "much more rigorous."

She told Cosmopolitan, "I feel so genuinely lucky on The Eras Tour because I get to perform a set that I’m super comfortable with, and then I get to watch one of the greatest performers every night.

"My favourite thing to do has always been to watch people who look so comfortable in their bodies onstage, like Madonna and Britney and Prince.

"Sometimes when you don’t have a mirror in front of you and you can’t actually see how you look, a lot of the learning comes from watching a video back and thinking, 'Oh, I thought I was giving more than I was actually giving.'"


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Seeing as Sabrina is five feet tall, she called it a "tall order" to be on a stage as big as the one used for The Eras Tour.

"Sometimes when I’m on that stage, it feels so huge that I just have to be larger than life in some capacity.

"It almost feels like a Broadway show because everything is so synchronized but at the same time feels so in the moment. That’s an art. It’s really hard to teach. It’s really hard to learn."

So has it tired Sabrina out? Well, not at all. She said she feels "so lucky" to watch Taylor performing every time. In fact, she said "It makes me want to tour the world again, which is a good feeling."

Sabrina's own tour? Well, that's something to look forward to!

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