Olivia Attwood Has Edited Her...


Olivia Attwood Has Edited Her Dogs Teeth To Be Whiter For Instagram

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

10:15 21 Feb 2024

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This seems a bit much.

If you ever looked at Olivia Attwood's Instagram feed and thought it was very polished, well there's a reason for that.

She's admitted to being 'very particular' with her Instagram aesthetic and will even edit her dog to make them fit the vibe of her feed.

The former Love Island star has got two dogs. There's Lola, a Carpathian/German Shepherd mix who she adopted in 2021. She's also got a Rottweiler named Stitch with her husband Bradley Dack.

Speaking about editing her pictures on Loose Women, Olivia said, 'It's not that I Facetune [my dog] but because I'm quite particular with the aesthetic of my page.

'Stitch is more photogenic but I have pulled like the saturation up before now to show her off more and I might have whitened a fang once.'

Olivia and Bradley have been together on-and-off for the past eight years.

Recently, he confessed to being 'absolutely gutted' when he saw her going on Love Island in 2017.

The night before she flew to Mallorca, he tried to convince her against giving the show a go. But Olivia went for it, saying they 'weren't actually exclusive.'

Bradley confessed that it seemed to be for the best as the relationship had been 'messy and immature.'

'I think we were just young and there was lots of things I hadn't learned and Liv hadn't either. There was always a problem and as we have matured we have learned from that,' he said.

But the pair reunited and have managed to make it work as they got married in London last June.

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