Mariah Carey's Rep Accuses...


Mariah Carey's Rep Accuses Producers of "setting her up to fail"

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11:16 2 Jan 2017

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Yesterday we all cringed at yet another scandalous performance from Mariah Carey.

(Let us not forget this incident from 2014.)

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She took to the stage in Time Square to help ring in 2017, however to say it was a bit of a disaster would be an understatement. 

Mariah was left embarrassed as she couldn't hear her backing track and was off sync with the music while performing. After recovering from that, during her next song, she point blank refused to sing, blaming technical problems. She finished with 'We Belong Together', but midway through her performance she stormed off stage leaving her dancers, band and fans wondering what was going on.

Her rep, BWR-PR's Nicole Perna, told Billboard Mariah took the performance very seriously, rehearsing the night before the show for three hours. She then rehearsed at 3 p.m. on New Year’s Eve with “no sound issues.”

This contradicts Mariah herself, who said to fans during the performance that "we didn't have a sound check but it's New Year's baby".

According to Billboard, Mariah's rep informed them that production were made aware there were issues with her ear piece, but were assured it would work on stage. 

Her rep added "it is not uncommon for artists to sing to a track during certain live performances". She added "Any allegations that she planned to lip sync are just adding insult to injury.”

However a production source paints a different picture, telling Billboard that Mariah had plenty of time to rehearse but didn't.  The insider adds that a body double was used to rehearse in her place earlier on New Year's Eve and that, even though the singer did not do a vocal run-through, "all was working" on the technical side.

If you haven't watched it yet, or want to put yourself through the mental torture again, be our guests.

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