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Love Island's Liberty Speaks Out Following Hugo's Claims Of Unaired Secret Chat


10:07 1 Sep 2021

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Love Island's Liberty & Hugo

Love Island's Liberty has insisted there was nothing going on between her and her co-star Hugo Hammond.

It's after he claimed she pulled him for a chat in scenes that never made it to air.


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Liberty was asked about the, 'secret chat,' during a recent Instagram Q&A.

The Islander told her followers, "It was literally just me and Hugo sat down like, 'What do you do with yourself? Blah blah blah.'"

"It was very just friends, there was no sexual chemistry there between us."


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"And I love Hugo as a mate but that's all the chat was," Liberty insisted.

She coupled up with Jake Cornish on day one of Love Island, and stayed by his side until the very end.

Nearing the final, they realised it wasn't working, so they called it quits and left the villa together.

@hugo_hammondImagine what could have been 🤪 #LoveIsland #JDVaporMaxShuffle

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What did Hugo say?

In an interview with Closer following his villa exit, Hugo claimed Jake tried to get to know Millie when she first arrived.

And as a result, Liberty explored her options with him in scenes that never aired.

"When I came out, I spoke to my family about my experience and what not," Hugo explained.


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"I was like, 'Did you see Lib pulled me for a chat when Jake went and had a chat with Mills?'"

"And I don't think it was shown but yeah me and Lib had a chat or two then," he added.

Lucinda Strafford, who appeared in the interview with Hugo, responded, "Oh was that not shown?"


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He replied, "I don't think so, 'cause I was telling my family and they were like, 'What you on about?'"

From behind the camera, the team at Closer confirmed those scenes never aired.

Lucinda gasped, "That's goss! Tea central!"


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When asked what was said in their chat, Hugo revealed, "Nothing just eh... well, not nothing..."

"Obviously Jake was getting to know Millie so..."

Lucinda interrupted, "She was exploring her options wasn't she?"

Perhaps the drama will be addressed on the upcoming Love Island reunion special?

Find out more about that here.

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