Liberty Poole Admits She Wante...


Liberty Poole Admits She Wanted A Nose Job When She Was 12

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

04:10 30 May 2023

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We're glad she's learned to love herself.

Liberty Poole has opened up about how low her self-esteem was when she was a teenager.

Speaking in her Second Skin video series on Instagram, the Love Island star admit to wanting surgery to change her nose as a pre-teen.

"I wanted to get a nose job when I was like twelve years old. My face was still growing... I grew into it. Why did I feel the need to do that?

"Why did I feel as a young girl, that I was never good enough growing up?"


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How did this affect Liberty?

Liberty admitted that her lack of self-confidence affected her romantic relationships as well. When her partner cheated on her, she would worry it was because of how she looked.

"[My low self-esteem] followed me into relationships as well with people... If someone didn't like me back, I'd be like 'but my personality is 10/10.' Why don't they like me? Is it something to do with how I look?

"Even when I got cheated on, I constantly compared myself to this girl looks-wise. I went through a whole year of it, saying to my mum, saying to my friends, – they must have been bored to death – 'do you think I'm prettier than her though?

"I was hyperfixating on me not being good enough when hun, I'm good enough! I'm more than good enough!"


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Liberty said she's more confident now than she was before she went onto Love Island, and she's grateful to have a large following as that platform can help her to inspire others to love themselves.

She feels she went through a journey of choosing herself during Love Island and she now "keeps on choosing [herself]" since the show.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect.

"I'm still a normal human. I still have insecurities, but it's about accepting that and owning yourself and loving yourself, and trying to rise above it. We should be able to be confident about ourselves."

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