Kanye West Seemingly Continues...


Kanye West Seemingly Continues Attack On Pete Davidson With Second Music Video


10:20 11 Mar 2022

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Kanye West & Pete Davidson drama

He clearly wasn't fazed by the backlash over his Eazy music video, because Kanye West has just released a second music video for the same track.

In it, a character assumed to be his ex Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Pete Davidson, is attacked by a monkey.

Kanye came under fire when a Claymation character that looks a lot like Pete Davidson was kidnapped, tied up and buried alive in the first video.

Many took to social media to slam the artist, branding the video, 'disturbing.'

It wasn't long before Kanye took to Instagram defending his, 'art,' by claiming it's a form of, 'therapy.'

He said, 'art is protected as freedom of speech... art inspires and simplifies the world...'

'Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm.'

'Any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended'

Now, a brand new music video for the song has been released, and it features yet another character assumed to be Pete Davidson.

The 3D animated character's face is blurred out and he's wearing a t-shirt with the word, 'Skeet,' written across it.

Kanye has used this same word in social posts about his ex Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete.

In the latest music video for the track, the character assumed to be Pete is attacked by the skinned monkey from the single’s cover art.

Pete is even referenced in the lyrics of the song: "God saved me from that crash/ Just so I can beat Pete Davidson's a**"

Watch the track's latest music video here:

Pete hasn't commented.

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