Justin Bieber Calls On Irish A...


Justin Bieber Calls On Irish Artist Allie Sherlock To Use Her Platform To Support BLM

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

09:39 9 Jun 2020

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Justin Bieber calls on Irish artist to use her platform

Justin Bieber is calling on Irish artist Allie Sherlock to use her platform to speak out about Black Lives Matter.

The Baby singer made his plea in the comments section of Allie's latest Instagram post.


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What's one thing you can't live without ?

A post shared by Allie Sherlock (@alliesherlock) on

Justin wrote, 'It hurts me that you would ignore, or be silent regarding the racism that fills this globe.'

'Fighting for black lives isn’t political, it’s FIGHTING FOR HUMANITY!'

He went on, 'I can’t live with you having a platform and not using it.'

Instagram @alliesherlock 

Allie was quick to respond, explaining why she hasn't posted much on the issue.

The 15-year-old politely replied, 'Hi Justin… the thing is, I posted everything across my social media on Tuesday and I receive such negativity back that I had to delete everything.'

Allie shot to fame in 2017 after her performance of Ed Sheeran's Supermarket Flowers went viral online.

It wasn't until she appeared on The Ellen Show and This Morning that she made a name for herself.

Allie currently boasts an Instagram following of 1.2m people.

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