Jake Cornish Upset He Was Made...


Jake Cornish Upset He Was Made To Look Like 'A Pantomime Villain' On Love Island


10:52 13 Sep 2021

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Jake Cornish speaks out

Love Island's Jake Cornish is devastated he was painted as, 'a pantomime villain,' on national television.

In an interview with MailOnline, he revealed he's been inundated with death threats since leaving the show.

But he doesn't let it get to him, and insists he's, 'thick skinned.'


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Jake coupled up with Liberty on day one, and a couple weeks into the show, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

It all fell apart towards the end of the series, when the public and his fellow Islanders began to question his intentions.

Eventually, Liberty called it off with him and they made the decision to leave the villa together.


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In a new interview with MailOnline, Jake claimed there were a number of important conversations that never made it to air.

He said, 'There's stuff I have spoken to Lib about on camera that hasn't aired about how I was feeling.'

'It isn't nice I've been painted this way as a pantomime villain. It isn't the nicest to come across as someone I'm not.'

The Movie Night

'During the Movie Night they had to bring back a clip from Day Two to make me look bad.'

'I'm sorry but Day Two? Everyone's got opinions but that was taken out of context. I had to sit back and take it.'

Liberty was shown footage of Jake telling the lads he doesn't feel the urge to, 'rip [her] clothes off.'


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Understandably, she was hurt by his words and it took some time for them to get past it.

Jake added, 'They've got to make storylines but it isn't nice when you're on the back end.'

'Liberty and I were big parts of the show; it was a way to make something out of it, which is a shame really. At the time I was like, "What the hell?"'

The Islander continued, 'The Movie Night was the turning point.'

'It went from 0-100 straight away and because it's such an intense environment in there your head just goes into overdrive.'

'It wasn't the nicest of feelings I'll tell you that for a fact,' Jake said.


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The former Water Engineer also faced criticism for rarely complimenting his ex in the villa.

On this, he said, 'People said I never complimented Lib but she got compliments from me every single day.'

'She used to say, "I've never been treated the way you treat me, you compliment me every single day, and I've never had that."'


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'Things like that make you open your eyes when you come out and you think, "Did they really even air any of this?" People don't see the bigger picture.'

'I say, "You're my girlfriend," because I've only ever had one girlfriend in my life.'

'So, for me to call someone my girlfriend it's a massive thing.'

The former Islander went on to say he can't understand how he's received more backlash than Liam.

In case you've forgotten, Liam cracked on with Lillie in Casa Amor, while Millie stayed loyal to him back home.

Somehow, Liam still managed to win the public back and bag the £50k cash prize with Millie.

Liam & Casa Amor

'I got a bigger backlash than Liam when I didn't get with any girl and was loyal and I'm the one that's come out the worst – how does that work?' Jake said.

The Islander also spoke a bit about the backlash he's received and how he's been handling it.

'I am okay. I am very thick skinned,' he said.


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Jake continued, 'I've had a lot of death threats but the only people I care about are those that want to support me.'

'Before they went on the show they asked and so far it hasn't got to me and I've had a lot of really bad stuff.'

Despite everyone else's opinion, Jake insists he went on the show for himself, and not for fame or money.


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He said, 'Fame has nothing to do with it. I was in there for me.'

'From day one to Casa, and all the stuff that was getting thrown my way, but the last week of the show I was not myself.'

'The stress, intensity, and looking back at clips of the last few episodes, I didn't even recognise myself. I was like what? That's not me.'

Being stuck in the villa

Jake admitted he found it difficult being stuck in the villa after his break up with Liberty.

He said, 'I felt like a caged animal – to be in a place where you aren't free it was hard.'

'I just needed to be set free.'


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'I wanted to go out and just go for a run but you can't, you can't do anything. You're in the villa.'

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