Hailey Bieber Shares How She C...


Hailey Bieber Shares How She Copes With Negative Attention


01:06 2 Feb 2021

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Hailey Bieber talks life in the limelight

Hailey Bieber has shared how she copes with life in the limelight, and the negative attention she often receives.

The model revealed she's, "consistently," in therapy and often leans on her husband, Justin for support.

Hailey shared her coping mechanisms during a chat on the Going for Goal podcast this week.

She said, "I've talked it a lot through with a therapist, and I do therapy consistently…"

The 24-year-old added that her husband, Justin has been her rock.

She pointed out that he's dealt, "with this a lot longer than," she has, "like [at] the highest level it could possibly be."

"I think being able to share that world with somebody that understands it even better than I do has been so helpful."

Hailey added that she also takes breaks from social media every now and then.

Running her social media

"I do have somebody that helps run my Instagram and run my social media," she admitted.

"So sometimes I'll just send them photos and say, 'Hey, can you upload this for me.'"

"My husband does the same thing so we're not the ones that have to get caught in any black hole on Instagram of comments."

The model said she often tried to, "explain [herself]," to strangers online.

But she recently learned that she doesn't owe them anything, "It took me a while to get there and understand that."

"I'm kind of a perfectionist and I don't want people to hate me or be mad at me."

"...they are not happy with themselves…"

"I want to be like, 'Hey I'm actually not this person that you think I am.'"

"I just realised that there's people on the internet that no matter what you say and what you do, they wanna just hate you because they are not happy with themselves…"

Since breaking this down with her therapist, Hailey's felt a lot more freedom.

"Because I really grasped that concept and realised that's actually the reality."

In addition to therapy, Hailey often turns to prayer.

She said, "My beliefs are a very big part of my life, and my faith is a very big part of my life."

"I think being able to take all of the burdens I feel and being able to release that and pray about it…"

"And to have my own conversation with God, and being able to let it go that way, is extremely important to me and extremely helpful."

Hailey added that exercise also helps.

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