Fans Go Wild As Courteney Cox...


Fans Go Wild As Courteney Cox Bumps Into Tom Selleck At A Bar In New York

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

10:11 20 Dec 2018

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Fans are going wild as a video has emerged of Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck bumping into each other at a bar in New York on Tuesday.

They played the iconic roles of Monica and Richard in 'Friends'.

Many took to Twitter asking 'what will Chandler say?'

The mini friends reunion sent fans crazy with many taking to Twitter to show their excitement.

One wrote, 'totally ready for a friends reunion.'

While another wrote, 'could I BE any more shook?'

As much as we all loved Richard and Monica's romance, we couldn't help but love her relationship with Chandler Bing just that little bit more.

This scene still brings a tear to my eye.

In other 'Friends' news. Cole Sprouse has admitted he had a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston when he played Ben in the show.

Read more on that here.

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