Chloe Burrows Says Millie And...


Chloe Burrows Says Millie And Liam Were 'Like Mum And Dad'

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

12:25 17 Sep 2021

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Our fave gal is opening up!

Chloe Burrows has revealed all about her faves in the villa, from her favourite couple to her favourite boy friend.

In the first video posted on her YouTube channel, Chloe answered a ton of fans questions in a Love Island-themed Q&A.

Favourite Couple

Turns out, Millie and Liam were Chloe's favourite couple from the start.

She said they 'babysat her' in the villa and were 'like Mum and Dad.'

She confessed, 'I want them to get married. I want them to stay together forever. When you’re around them, they’re so soppy but it’s so f**king cute.'

Favourite Day

When asked to choose what her best day was in the villa, Chloe said it had to be when she had a picnic with Toby.

She said, ‘It was so cute. I was getting ready and everyone was hurrying me. I was just like, get off my back.’

‘But then I came down. He had all the blankets out, he had all my favourite things.'

'We just had a really cute chat and were so loved up.’

Chloe added that she has a picture of one of their dates in her bedroom. How cute!

Favourite Girls

Chloe's revealed her favourite girls in the villa were Millie and Lucinda as they made up the 'naughty trio.'

She laughed, 'They’re so funny and they’re naughty, and I still see them on the outside so they’re 100% my faves.

But Chloe made sure to mention that she loved all the girls because nobody had 'bad vibes.'

She said, ‘Everyone that went in there was really, really nice. I feel like you have to be though to go on Love Island, don’t you? You can’t go in and be bad vibes.

Favourite Boy Friend

Turns out, Liam was Chloe's best boy friend in the villa. We didn't see a lot of the pair together but Chloe said 'I spent all my time with Liam.'

'He’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. I don’t know whether it’s his accent or if he’s funny, but I think everything he says is ten times funnier because he’s Welsh.'

We can't wait for more Chloe content!

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