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Cher Lloyd Never Wants To See Louis Walsh Again And Calls X Factor 'Brutal'

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

10:55 24 Nov 2021

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Eleven years on and the feud continues.

Cher Lloyd has said that she never wants to see Louis Walsh again.

She joined Rylan Clark-Neal for the first episode of his Ry-Union podcast.

When asked why she doesn't like Louis, she said, "he started on me."


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What Louis Did

Cher explained, "he was horrible about me. He still says stuff about me."

"When Louis isn't doing X Factor, he isn't doing a lot. Perhaps he needed something to talk about. He started on me."

Rylan asked if she had any interest in putting an end to the feud, but Cher simply said "What for?

Going on X Factor

Cher was only sixteen when she auditioned for X Factor in 2010. At the time, she thought that contestants were always happy and just spent five minutes singing on the television each week.

But when Cher went on the show, she found out it was a lot harder than she expected.

"I think I was just so naive. I had never been through having any sort of negativity towards my voice or me in that way," she said.

"The hardest thing is, you go from having a family and a support system to having nothing at all.

"It's really frightening. You have no control of anything that's about to happen. It's scary."


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What was X Factor like?

Rylan and Cher went on to mention that with X Factor, you were working constantly from Monday to Friday. Their entire week was booked up with rehearsals, vocal coaching sessions and press events.

But for Cher, one of the toughest parts was dealing with the paparazzi. At the beginning, having your photo taken by strangers was exciting – but the glamour quickly wore off.

"I found it extremely challenging," Cher said.

"At times, I'd get really angry because I'd go to a rehearsal, and then I'd leave the studio and I'd be chased by a group of 20 to 25 men with cameras."


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Rylan asked if anyone ever helped her to deal with the paparazzi by walking with her.

"There'd be a chaperone for everyone as a group, but at times, walking to the studio from the car, you'd be alone," she said.

"It was brutal back then... I just remember knowing not to wear a skirt without shorts underneath."


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At least Cher seems to be living her best life now!

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