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AJ Pritchard's Grandmother Has Died But He Won't Be Told Until After I'm A Celeb

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

01:42 30 Nov 2020

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Curtis & AJ Pritchard's grandmother has died

AJ Pritchard's grandmother has sadly passed away.

His brother Curtis shared the news in an emotional post on Instagram today.

AJ is currently taking part in I'm A Celeb and won't find out about her passing until he leaves the castle.

In an emotional post, Curtis revealed their grandmother, Angela Gratton, was 93 when she died.

She had been diagnosed with dementia 10 years ago, and the family had been taking care of her ever since.

Curtis wrote, 'Nanna words literally cannot describe how much I love you, and forever will love you and the memories of you.'

'You really have been a massive part of my life and helped me to be the man I am today.'

AJ won't find out until he leaves I'm A Celeb

The former Islander went on to reveal his brother AJ won't be told of her passing until he leaves I'm A Celeb.

This is something AJ and the family agreed on before he left for the show.

'It is following our grandad's wishes that myself and AJ are to carry on with the current projects we are committed to.'

Curtis wrote, 'AJ therefore discussed with the family before entering the castle that if something did happen to Nanna whilst he was away, that he wouldn't want to be told until he left the castle and that in her honour he would complete his commitment to the show, with a view to doing her and the family proud.'

'As Grandad and Nanna would have wished for, AJ will stay in the castle and continue making her proud wherever she is watching from.'

He continued, 'AJ has so much more to give to the show and we know that Nanna will be watching and guiding him throughout the final part of his journey on the programme.'

'We know we have made the right decision for everyone involved.'

We're sending all our love to Curtis and his family right now.

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