What To Get Your New Partner For Valentine's Day

What To Get Your New Partner For Valentine's Day

12 Feb 2018

You've recently met someone new (yay) but now Valentine's Day is approaching and you don't know what to do (ahh). 

You don't want to not get a gift because what if they get you one and then you look bad?

But you don't want to get something amazing, take it too far and then they run away... it's tricky!

But don't worry, we're here to help! Here are five foolproof Valentine's Day gifts for your new other half. 

A Card

There's a lot to be said for a simple Valentine's Day card. If you don't want to splash out on a big present a card is a great way to say 'I like you' without going over board. 

For a new-ish relationship we recommend staying away from any mentions of 'love' and go with something funny.

Cook Dinner

Grabbing all the ingredients for a nice dinner can be a perfect way to mark Valentine's Day  while still getting to know someone. 

You're putting in lots of effort but you can downplay it as 'oh I was cooking anyway/I just whipped this up' if you want to play it cool. 

Tickets To A Gig

Presuming you're going on lots of dates with this person, grabbing tickets to a gig or event for Valentine's Day is just organising another date and there's nothing scary about that.

Worst case scenario things haven't worked out by the time the gig comes and then you get to take a friend. Win win. 

Cinema Tickets

Paying for a cinema date on Valentine's Day or getting tickets for a film that they'll really like is a nice way of saying 'I'm getting to know you'.

If you want to make things extra special you could check out the new Stella Cinema or the reclining seats at the Vue Cinema in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

A Hotel Break

We're guessing that if you're in a new relationship you're probably not living together. A night away is a really fun way to spend more time together.

Lots of hotels will have deals on coming up to Valentine's Day so shop around for a bargain!