The Best Protein Pancake Recipes

The Best Protein Pancake Recipes
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

13 Feb 2018

Happy Pancake Tuesday! 

If you find that you're tempted to indulge on pancakes today, but don't want to interrupt your gym routine (too much) well maybe protein pancakes are for you? 

Here's some of the tastiest ones you can try today.. 

Banana protein pancakes (Recipe here)

Lemon chia protein pancakes (Recipe here)

Chocolate protein pancakes (Recipe here)

Dark chocolate protein pancake (Recipe here)

Strawberry & toasted coconut protein pancakes (Recipe here)

Vanilla blueberry cake protein pancakes (Recipe here)

Banana, peanut butter & choc chip protein pancakes (Recipe here)

If you're vegan you can try some vegan recipes here. Or, if you're having a total cheat day and you're going all out and plan to over-indulge, you can check out the most delicious recipes from stuffed oreo to red velvet pancakes here