What To Do With Your Left Over Easter Eggs

What To Do With Your Left Over Easter Eggs
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

2 Apr 2018

Was the Easter Bunny too good you this weekend? If you can't possibly eat another bite of chocolate egg why not transform your leftovers into something more exciting:


Hot Chocolate

Not just hot chocolate but Rachel Allen's Easter Egg hot chocolate. Get the recipe here.


Easter Egg Nests

An Easter classic and basically no effort involved, ideal! Find the recipe here.


Giant Chocolate Buttons 

You can decorate them however you like & these would make a great present if you need to offload chocolate onto someone else! Recipe here.




Most brownies are made with chocolate powder, not these! These are made with real Easter egg chocolate. When you've finished drooling you can get the recipe here.


Chocolate Tart

This is a Tasty recipe video; perfect for those who are too tired to actually read a recipe after the bank holiday weekend. Watch it here.


Chocolate Sauce

Homemade chocolate sauce for ice-cream, brownies or just to pour straight into your mouth. Just don't think too much about the ingredients! Recipe here.