Weight Training With Graham From The Zoo Crew

Weight Training With Graham From The Zoo Crew

19 Jan 2017

Hey it’s Graham from the Zoo Crew! I’ve always been into fitness but a leg injury last year disrupted my normal regime. It undid a lot of the good work I’d achieved in the early part of the year. So to help me get back to full fitness, I’ve teamed up with Life Style Sports to bring #MyAGame to 2017.

Warm Up

I went down to Crossfit Green in Sandyford to be trained by John O’ Meara – a Crossfit advocate and all round fitness expert. We were going to concentrate on my squatting technique so the warm up was based around exercises that would engage my leg muscles. We used elastic bands to do ‘Good Mornings’ which are meant to engage the hamstrings, and duck walks which loosened out the hips. Strangely enough, this was the first time I have walked like an amphibious animal, who would have thought it?


Once I stopped walking like a duck, real talk began. John explained how important technique is whilst squatting as it’s such an important exercise. He taught me to lean back into the squat, keep my chest out and bring my legs closer together as I was engaging incorrect muscles. I found this incredibly helpful because I have struggled to get back to my original technique since I had the leg injury. I also received nutritional information, and learned that it’s not all about protein if you want DEM LEG GAINZ. John explained that carbs such as rice and pasta are just as important post work out as your scoops of protein in a smelly shaker.


#MyAGame Plan

My plan is to continue working on my squats so I can fully recover my leg and get back to where I was this time last year. The little tips John gave me will certainly accelerate this process. This, along with embracing carbs will see #MyAGame back to full fitness in 2017. You can Bring Your A Game too this January in the latest range of Running & Fitness gear, instore and online at lifestylesports.com.

 Click HERE for any more info on the gear I wore during the session. 

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