Top Tips for Stunning Wedding Photography

Top Tips for Stunning Wedding Photography

12 Sep 2017

Ireland’s top wedding photographers will be at the Wedding Journal ShowinCitywest Dublin on the 23rd& 24thof September. We’ve asked them for advice on getting the best wedding photos.

Book a good photographer 

You can’t expect great wedding photos unless you book a great wedding photographer. Consider the style of photography you want, research different photographer’s portfolios online and once you’ve a short list of two or three, arrange to meet them in person. Many photographers at the Wedding Journal Show will be offering discounts to couples who make a booking on the day which means you could secure your ideal photographer at a perfect price.

Check the weather forecast

Even the most gifted wedding photographer can’t control the weather. Keep an eye on the weather in the lead up to your big day and if it looks like rain, then call your photographer and discuss your options. That could be as simple as buying some umbrellas, but you might need to think of a new location and skip those beach shots you had planned.

Have a pre-wedding shoot

Putting yourself in front of the camera is the best way to get comfortable with it. Many wedding photographers offer engagement or pre-wedding shoots as part of their package. One of these will give you and your partner a chance to get to know your photographer.Chat to photographers at the Wedding Journal Show and ask if they include an engagement shoot as part of their packages.

Think about light 

Depending on the time of year you get married, light, or shortage of it, will impact your schedule. If you’re having a winter wedding you’ll need to plan an early morning ceremony to give your photographer time to get wedding photos. Very sunny days can also be an issue for photographers as too much light can be very difficult to shoot. It’s wise to have indoor and outdoor spaces in mind for shoots to combat lighting issues.

Be creative

Stiff, formal wedding photographs run the danger of being boring. Photographers are creative and work best when they are given some freedom. By all means give them a list of pictures that you want taken, but trust their judgment and allow them some freedom.

Book a make-up artist 

We know you can do your own make-up, but the PRESSURE of getting it right on the big day is enough to call it all off! From priming, to camouflaging and sculpting, a professional make-up artist will take all the stress out of looking stunning.There will be brilliantmake-up artists to choose from at the Wedding Journal Show.

Remember the details

So much, time, thought and effort goes into the little details of your wedding day – from the DIY stationery, to the hand drawn signage and homemade favours – it would be such a shame not to have them captured on camera. The Curious Wedding Zone at the show can help with these details.

For more photography inspiration and to meet with some of Ireland’s top wedding photographers visit the Wedding Journal Show Saturday 23rd& Sunday 24th September at the Citywest Complex, Dublin. You can get tickets here.