Top Irish Foods To Eat This Paddy's Day

Top Irish Foods To Eat This Paddy's Day
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

16 Mar 2017

The Crisp Sambo
Filling bellies for decades, the crisp sambo is an undisputed Irish food icon. White pan, inches of butter and cheese
and onion crisps all layered together to create the most fulfilling snack. Whether you choose to eat Tayto or King is a debate for another day. 
Chicken Fillet Roll 
This gem is so popular among Irish people that a Melbourne chipper now serves them Irish  to emigrants abroad to give them that taste of home. Whether you're a spicy or plain kind of person, you can't deny that this is one of the greatest things to ever happen to Irish delis. Pass the taco sauce! 

Dyyyyyying for one #chickenfilletroll

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The Full Irish Breakfast
You've got your rashers, sausages, eggs, toast, pudding and beans. Seems standard, right? WRONG. A recent survey that was carried out by Aldi has suggested that the brekkie as we know it has changed. They've discovered that spicy wedges, marmalade covered sausages, steak and guacamole are now staple favourites in Irish people's fry-ups. THE NOTIONS. Whether you're kicking it old school or forking out extra for guac, a fry-up is a solid choice this Paddy's Day. Check out all you need for this one HERE
The Spice Bag 
The rise of the spice bag is a phenomenon, and a dish that will be passed on through the generations to come no doubt. 
This fast food dish inspired by Asian cuisine, shot to fame in Dublin and spread like wildfire across the country. 
It consists of chips, shredded chicken, red and green peppers, sliced chili slices and features an array of spices. 
The spice bag is often accompanied by a big ol' tub of curry sauce. Obviously it's not a 'traditional' Irish food, but 
is one that the Irish nation places on a pedestal. 
This one is reccomended particularly if you're just in the country for Paddy's weekend. Get yourself to your nearest
chinese and ask them for their finest mála sprísrach le do thoil! 

Finally got to sample this bad boy! #Spicebag recommended by my Thurles friends... It's delicious!! 😊

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Bacon and Cabbage Pie
Whether you love this dish or have terrible memories of having to endure manky cabbage dinners as a kid, this meal
is one that we are all familiar with. If you're taking on the challenge this holiday, Donal Skehan's bacon and cabbage pies are what you want. Get the recipe HERE
Sunday Roast
Don't let the name fool you, these can be eaten on any day of the week, but quite frankly there's just no time
midweek to give this cracker of a meal the love and attention it deserves. Get your list HERE
Irish Stew
There's little more satisfying than a nice hearty stew on a cold, wet day. Bound to warm and fill you up in no time. 
Plus, not to forget they're bursting with flavour and a comfort food that you don't need to feel guilty about. 
Bonus points if it's cooked by an Irish mammy. Find the ingredients HERE
It's known for being a variation of a stew. Legend goes that it was invented purely as a way of using up leftovers so they didn't go to waste. 
The coddle frequently consists of mainly potatoes, pork sausages, rashers and veg. 
We did a poll on our Twitter HERE, to see which foods you lot would be tucking into this Paddy's Day. The full Irish is currently leading. You can vote for your favourite - we're @spin1038