The Nightmare Realm Is Triple The Size This Year

The Nightmare Realm Is Triple The Size This Year

25 Oct 2017

The Nightmare Realm has returned to the RDS and it's bigger, better and scarier than ever before. There's triple the terror this year with three additional haunts added to the experience. 

Charlie Chops 3D Clown House

This UV haunted house is going to be full of unpredictable and unhinged, demented clowns that like to play with chainsaws. 

The Nightmare Realm Hostel

The hostel is infamous for missing guests and strange drilling noises at night but don't worry, hostel owner Earl will look after you. Apparently room 237 is the best in the house. 

Gruber Asylum

This asylum for the criminally insane is one of Dublin's best kept secrets. To raise funds for their experimental treatments the owners have started running daily tours.

Charlie's Army Of The Dead

An apocalypse army will roam the outside zones recruiting bodies to fight for an an independent Nightmare Realm state. If you're not with them, you're against them. 

The Nightmare Realm runs until 5th November. If you're brave enough you can get tickets & more info on the official website. 

This event is strictly over 13s.