The Dos and Don’ts Of A College Ball

The Dos and Don’ts Of A College Ball

27 Apr 2017

Only 24 hours to go until The Ball kicks off on Dun Laoghaire harbour!

To help you get set for the festival, we've put together a list of Dos and Don'ts ahead of the day.

Do Bring your (student) ID - The last thing you want is to arrive at the event with all your friends, looking forward to an amazing day, only to be turned away at the entrance. Bring your ID!

Don’t Forget your ticket - The most basic tip is also the most important. Set an alarm on your phone, have a designated friend to remind each other, leave a sticker on the door, do whatever it takes to remind you to bring your ticket!

Do Bring cash - Cash is king. There will be card facilities at the event but don’t be that person holding up the whole queue as they try to remember their PIN code.

Don’t Dress like you are at Coachella. As much as we are all hoping for the sun to be shining, it’s always best to have a light raincoat on hand, this is Ireland after all.

Do Charge your phone before you leave - don’t waste all your battery being the pre-drinks DJ or prepare to spend a lot of time running around like a headless chicken looking for your friends.
Top tip - buy a portable power bank and never worry about your phone running out of battery again!

Don’t Try bring alcohol into the venue - we know everyone likes a challenge, but there will be plenty of stalls in the event arena where you can find a wide array of drinks without the stress of having to sellotape a Capri Sun pouch to your leg.

Do Eat a large breakfast - although there will be a smorgasbord of amazing food stalls at The Ball, eating a big healthy breakfast will help you survive a long day on your feet and will provide some much needed soakage if you are planning on indulging in some alcohol during the day

Don’t Overdo it - nobody wants to be that person that doesn’t make it out from pre-drinks, or who has to be put in a taxi home 5 minutes after making it to the festival, pace yourself!

Do Go for it with that classmate you’ve had your eye on since first year. This could be the last time you see them, what’s the worst that can happen?

Don’t Forget about the music! With so much going on it could be easy to forget that there is going to be some amazing talent showcased at The Ball including homegrown talent from the likes of Hare Squead, AikJ, Gavin James and Soulé

Do Have a good time! - at the end of the day this may be the last big event you get to share with your
classmates before you go your separate ways, so make sure to make the most of it and enjoy the day!!