Tele Bants - Three Shows To Watch This Week

Tele Bants - Three Shows To Watch This Week
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

11 Sep 2017

The autumn evenings are closing in and telly is certainly getting better! 

Here's our pick of three things you need to watch this week when you're chilling out after a hard day at work/college/school! 

Movie - First They Killed My Father  (Netflix from Friday 15th September) 

Directed by Angelina Jolie, it tells the tale of Loung Ung, who is 5 years old when the Khmer Rouge assumes power over Cambodia in 1975. They soon begin a four-year reign of terror and genocide in which nearly 2 million Cambodians die.

Show - Gogglebox Ireland Season 2 (TV3 Wednesday 13th September 9pm) 

We couldn't be happier that this show is coming back! The second season of the show kicks off this Wednesday. Although, TV3 are remaining rather tight-lipped about the whole thing, we know we're in for a treat. 

Hopefully we're in for the return of the Tully Twins, Angela and Eileen from Castleknock and of course their legendary Michael Tea Higgins! 

Show - Grand Designs (Channel 4 Wednesday 13th September 9pm)

Okay, so if you're into both Gogglebox Ireland and Grand Designs, there'll be some clashing for you this week and you'll have to record one and watch one live. God, we're so spoiled for choice this week! 

Kevin McCloud is back for another brand new series of the hit show, and he's up to his usual tricks. Voicing his opinion, suggesting walls where there should be windows and getting on the family's nerves, and would we have it any other way? Absolutely not!