Tech Must Haves For College Students

Tech Must Haves For College Students
Fionnuala Moran
Fionnuala Moran

31 Aug 2017

Freshers week is just around the corner, the nights are getting shorter and that means Netflix... Sorry, study season is back! Whether you're only starting college, or Van Wilder floating back again, you need top quality tech to see you through.

If your parents were millionaires going to college in the 1960s they would've needed a forklift and a truck to get their hard drive to class. Below is a 5 megabyte hardrive in 1956, not gigabytes, not terabytes... Megabytes.


Image: Reddit via TheNewYorkGuy

Compare that with this little slice, with no less than 32GB internal storage. That's 6,400 of the giant hard drives above! The complimentary terabyte on the One Drive will keep even the worst digital hoarders happy.

Stay slick this semester with this super slim Lenovo laptop. It'd fool you to thinking it was Mac but for a fraction of the price with it's skinniness. 

Welcome to the future with this flexible laptop come tablet from Dell. It's four different stand modes make it handier than your average laptop to laze around with or to be super productive with in public on those too-small-cafe-tables. 

ENIAC, one of the first computers, weighed 50 tonnes. The bendy Dell above weighs less than 2 kilos. How far we've come! While we're spoiled now when we compare modern laptops to the first computers they can still be deceptively heavy, even compared to the stack of leaving cert books you were laden with last year. Mind your back with a stylish, yet sensible, bag to carry your precious portable PC. We love this red Goji one for a pop of colour to brighten up dark, dreary mornings.


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