James Kavanagh's 5 Best Things To Do in Dublin!

James Kavanagh's 5 Best Things To Do in Dublin!
Rachael Ryan
Rachael Ryan

28 Sep 2017

James Kavanagh has rounded up his top five things to do in Dublin this weekend!

1 ​) March for Choice, Saturday, 2pm @ The Garden of Remembrance  

It’s time to whip out my Repeal t-shirt again ❤️ Hopefully this will be the last year it’ll need to be worn. This Saturday, myself and the​The Hunreal Issues will be in Panti Bar (from 11:30am) welcoming all y’all for some mingling, pep talk, prosecco (I mean, why not?) and there’ll even be a stunning photobooth to get some glam pics to share on social meejah. Then we’ll march for a woman’s right to choose to be pregnant or not. Seems like a pretty basic human right (coz it is) - but Ireland, bizarrely, has chosen to ignore that right. Well, we’re gonna change that. There are a million, indisputable reasons to be pro-choice, but I’ve genuinely yet to meet a single reason to be anti-choice (I’ve only seen misinformation, red herrings and a sadistic desire to control what other people do). I’ve personally seen how our archaic healthcare laws can send women’s lives into turmoil, and it’s totally hideous that it’s been allowed to happen. And for those on the fence or anti-choice, know that crisis pregnancies and abortions have been happening forever, and will continue to, we just really need to make it a safe situation for those in need. Grab your mates, arm yourself with facts and I’ll see you on Saturday to demand the right to choose ✨ #RepealThe8th ​ More info: https://www.abortionrightscampaign.ie/2017/07/18/time-to-act-6th-annual-march-for-choice/

2) The Nightmare Realm, 29th Sept - 5th Nov @ The RDS 

I went to this last year and almost soiled oneself... ​"​An extreme walk-through horror event preying on your deepest fears and nightmares and twisting them into a deadly reality. ​ ​Are you ready to face your darkest nightmares and experience the artistry of fear? We are Ireland’s most extreme scare attraction, and are masters at creating horror and fear. This is not your typical (boo) haunted house – there are no ghosts and goblins – our sets and live creatures prey on your darkest fears and bring your nightmares to life. ​ ​Those brave enough to venture into the Realm are advised to keep their wits about them as danger lurks in every shadow. It’s a thrilling experience for all horror enthusiasts and Halloween fans, and you will even spot references, characters and moments from iconic classic horror films along the way. ​ ​We will test you to your very core. We push people outside their comfort zone, challenge their expectations, and scare the hell out of them! ​"​ More info: http://www.thenightmarerealm.ie/dublin

3) The Problem Solving Festival, Saturday @ Trinity College  

​"​As part of the Irish nationwide Problem-Solving Initiative, the ADAPT Centre will host a Problem-Solving Festival on Saturday, 30th September, from 11AM to 5PM, in Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The festival will take place in the Examination Hall in TCD, a prominent location just inside the front gates off College Green. ​ ​The family festival will have activities for all ages, including language games, logic puzzles, large-scale games, interactive workshops and curated lectures. ​" More info: http://problemsolving.ie/

4) IFI Documentary Festival, 27th Sept - 1st Oct @ IFI 

Who doesn't adore a good documentary? "The IFI Documentary Festival returns in 2017 with five days of the most acclaimed documentaries from near and far. We'll have features, short and Irish premieres as well as a gaggle of guests for Q&A's throughout the weekend.

The IFI is the home of film in Ireland, with a mission to Exhibit, Preserve, Educate. ​

5) Fia, Rathgar 

​I've mentioned this place before, but it's my favourite place in Dublin for an eggs-y brunch. And they've just shaken up their menu with some new bits and bobs. GET DOWN.