Cormac Lunges Himself Fit

Cormac Lunges Himself Fit
Doireann Garrihy
Doireann Garrihy

6 Feb 2017

Hey there, it’s Cormac from Fully Charged. In 2017, Life Style Sports have challenged me to bring #MyAGame and that’s what I’m planning on doing. 2016 was definitely not the best year of my life from a health and fitness point of view. I took my foot off the gas, but now it’s time to get back to business.

 I met with Padraig from FlyeFit on George’s Street to go through some simple exercises that can be used at the gym or at home.

Warm Ups

Padraig showed me how to do crunches. A slight development on from basic sit ups, but by incorporating some leg lowering into it too, it really attacks the entire core area.

Simple, but a very effective way of burning calories. All done via body weight, the exercise not only works out the lower body, but a focus on keeping correct form will ensure the upper body and core is getting a workout too. They look easy. Try doing 20 or so on each leg and you’ll notice the burn!!


I’ll be honest, skipping has never been my forte. Eye to hand to feet coordination can sometimes result in some whipped legs. But after a couple simple tips form Padraig I got the hang of it.

A great workout and again a good way to engage the entire body - and the more muscles being used the more calories being burned, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

These are all simple exercises, but they work. They can all be done at home and you don’t need to fork out your hard earned cash for some fancy equipment. I suppose the key to being on your A Game is consistency with these exercises.

Click HERE for more info on the gear I wore during the session.

#MyAGame Plan

My goal is to drop a further 10kgs and anything that can help increase my levels of activity and exercise are going to be incorporated. These exercises can be done quickly and at home, so if I’m stuck in work and for some reason can’t make the gym, I can take 20 minutes and do a few sets of these to get the heart rate up and the muscles working.

And again, #MyAGame is about making exercise a priority, a habit and a lifestyle choice moving into 2017.

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