Another Aungier Danger Opened Today

Another Aungier Danger Opened Today
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

20 Dec 2016


Another donut shop has popped up for Christmas week - not that anyone is complaining! 

The ever popular Aungier Danger have opened up another pop up shop in Dundrum Town Centre. 

If you're there picking up the last few bits before Christmas, this is the perfect reward! 

You'll have to act fast though, as it will only be open for a limited time. It's open from 9am-11pm every day, except on Christmas Eve when it will shut at 6pm. 

In order to celebrate the festive season and the new temporary location, they have introduced two limited edition treats. 


This is a blackcurrant flavour donut with a dreamy chocolate marshmallow centre. 


I wonder what this could mean... 🤔 #fundrum #aungierdanger #tomorrow

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They've also created a jaffa cake flavoured one and it looks as heavenly and delicious as you'd imagine. 


We're NOW OPEN IN DUNDUM ! To celebrate, say hello to our latest family member... #TheJaff 👌🏽 Think Jaffa Cake 👌🏽

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We dare you to resist! 

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