5 Alternative Things To Do This Halloween

5 Alternative Things To Do This Halloween
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

27 Oct 2017

Love Halloween but not in the mood for throwing a party or heading to a club? We've just the list for you. 

Here's our top five alternative things to do this Halloween:

Bram Stoker Festival

The Bram Stoker Festival runs from Friday 27th to Monday 30th celebrating the acclaimed author through a range of different spooky events. 

The Hell Fire Club

The most haunted location in Dublin the Hell Fire Club is located, terrifyingly, in the Dublin Mountains. There are plenty of stories from those brave enough to trek up there of demonic appearances... spooky.

Ghostbus Tour

Dive deep into Dublin's gruesome past learning about the mythological villans and real criminals that make up its sinister history. The tour last 2 hours and brings you all over Dublin with Storytellers filling in the narrative on the way. 

Tim Burton Halloween Season

The Unitarian Church is showing a range of family friendly Tim Burton movies in celebration of Halloween. This Saturday 28th at 6pm you can catch The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

The Nightmare Realm

Triple the size this year The Nightmare Realm has expanded it's haunts for an even more horrifying experience. Trust us, it's really scary. Brave it if you dare.