100 'Monsters' Wanted For The Nightmare Realm

100 'Monsters' Wanted For The Nightmare Realm
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

21 Aug 2017

If you ever fancied yourself as 'scary', then this could be the job for you.

The Nightmare Realm makes it's return to the RDS in Dublin for the month of October, and they're looking for monsters, zombies and ghosts and specialty acts to join them.

They're looking to recruit almost 100 staff to play their part in the phenomenon, after it's enormous success last year.

No previous acting experience is necessary.  The only criteria for being considered is that you are outgoing, willing to embody the role of your character and instil hysteria on your victims.

"We’re looking for the weird and wonderful this year to help us take The Nightmare Realm to the next level," according to Karl O’Connor, creator of The Nightmare Realm.  

"The characters we have created rely on fearless and shameless people behind them to bring them to life or in some cases, back from the dead - people who really throw themselves into their role and make their character their own.

"We’re all about pushing boundaries and the creatures in the Realm are designed to terrify attendees in lots of different ways - facial expression, blood curdling screams and even the slightest movement made at just the right time."

Anyone who might be interested, The Nightmare Realm is holding workshops on:

  • Saturday August 26th from 12-2pm, the RDS Dublin

Useful info for the audition:

  • Workshops begin at 12pm sharp so you have to arrive on time.
  • No more one-to-one auditions. Performers will be asked to play some improv games in group settings and display any unusual noises or abilities they might have.
  • Over 16’s only, older enthusiasts are welcome
  • No costumes or make up needed
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Move outside your comfort zone, be confident and don’t hold back!
  • We want to get to know who you are, tell us about yourself and what makes you tick, and make it memorable!
  • Performance spaces include, darkness, small spaces, strobe lighting, loud noises and fog effects so if you are afraid of the dark this is not the job for you!
  • All positions are paid positions and all need commitment for the month of October
  • You will fill out the application at the workshop

Questions to ask yourself ahead of the audition:

  • Do you really want to scare people? Bear in mind some people will be shaking, crying, screaming
  • Can you stay in character?
  • Are you happy to work on your feet for 4-5 hours at a time?

Tickets to The Nightmare Realm will be available to book online at www.thenightmarerealm.ie from September.