Three Places To Try Eggnog In Dublin

Three Places To Try Eggnog In Dublin
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

29 Nov 2017

Eggnog is traditionally a cold drink made from milk, cream, sugar and eggs with some recipes using brandy, rum or bourbon and something we all associate with Christmas thanks to American TV shows. But do we actually like it?

Here's three places in Dublin where you can try a cup and see for yourself.

Bull and Castle

We have the insider knowledge that it's going back on the menu in the steakhouse & bar just in time for the festive season.

Brasserie 66

As part of their Christmas Menu, Brasserie 66 offer Mother Mary's very own eggnog. "Don't knock it til you try it. It's her secret recipe"


Although it's not a traditional eggnog you can get an Eggnog Latte from the Starbucks festive menu and it comes in a Christmassy cup. 

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