This Week With The Spinis

This Week With The Spinis

15 May 2017

Meme Of The Week

Us in rush hour rainy Monday traffic trying to keep our cool...




Calling all hungry students! Get down to us in Vodafone on Grafton Street for more free food with VodafoneX this Thursday.


Skill Zone


Skill Zone is the perfect place to blow off steam after your exams so we'll have discount codes during the week for all of you working away!


Fanta Sandstorm


Keep an eye out for our Fanta Sandstorm promotions during the week. Our giant deck chair was the perfect place to catch some rays last week!


Snatched Premiere

We'll be giving you the inside scoop from the Snatched Premiere in Cineworld this Wednesday. If you want to join us head over to our Instagram @officialspin1038 to win tickets!


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