The Most Christmassy Snacks In Shops At The Moment

The Most Christmassy Snacks In Shops At The Moment
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

7 Dec 2017

The food at Christmas. Hands down, it's better than presents. 

There's no nicer feeling than hanging out with your loved ones, having a catch up and a total feast. 

This festive season, put your feet up, and sample some of the most Christmassy treats out there at the moment. You deserve it. 

Tesco toffee nut latte popcorn 

Tesco wensleydale cranberry cheese 

Aldi gin and spiced cranberry cream 

Marks and Spencer chocolate and salted caramel cheesecake (order here)

Marks and Spencer chocolate pine cones (order here)

Tesco candy cane crisps 

Tesco stilton and truffle crisps 

Marks and Spencer macaroon (order here)

Tesco cheese crackers 

Tesco shortbread fingers 

Aldi sloe gin mince pies 

Lidl deluxe white choc and cranberry cookies 

Lidl fruit presse (non alcoholic)

Aldi houmous selection 

Aldi brandy butter 

Aldi cranberry sauce 

Aldi festive biscuits 

Happy feasting! 

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