What To Buy For The Sequin-Obsessive

What To Buy For The Sequin-Obsessive
Caroline Foran
Caroline Foran

16 Dec 2016

Sequins are having a moment, along with velvet and chokers and glitter eyeshadow. Oh and don't forget the unicorns too.  

If you know your friend has a magpie-like reaction to all things sparkly, or you yourself can't get enough of sequins, here's our gift guide of what you're going to LOVE. 

 Sequin leggings €80, Topshop


Sequin backpack €27, Missguided.com

Sequin ankle boots, €110 Topshop

Sequin collar Asos, €10.67

Sequin pouch Skinny Dip €18.67

Sequin mini skirt €60 Topshop

Sequin jumper €84, Topshop