Golden Globes: How To Get Red Carpet Lashes

Golden Globes: How To Get Red Carpet Lashes
Caroline Foran
Caroline Foran

10 Jan 2017

One look at the Golden Globes red carpet - or any red carpet for that matter - and you'll soon realise that almost every single one of the female stars is wearing eyelash extensions. In this day and age, they just look so damn real you'd hardly notice, and that's what you want. But if you're a lash extension virgin, how do you know what will suit you? And what if you're getting lash extensions, not just for thick fluttery lashes but because you want to alter the appearance of your eyes?


There's a huge difference between eyelashes that are longest in the middle of the lash line and those that get longer - cat-eye style - at the outer edges. There's a whole science to it! Before you book in for your first set or if you've been thinking of ditching the strip lashes for something that will last a whole lot longer, here we catch up Alana, with the brains behind The Lash Lounge to find out more. 


Okay so the celebs have them done all the time, but what if we've never had 'em done before? What should we be aware of? 

Lash Virgins will and should always have a full consultation prior to their treatment to discuss what it is they want to gain from their appointment. You'll discuss size, curl, length and be advised on what's best for them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; each set is tailored bespoke to the wearer. 

And the cardinal rules of making them last? Is it hard? 

  1. Do not touch or comb lashes from 2-3 hours post application
  2. Do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions as the specific curl has been applied to enhance and obtain the curl required
  3. Avoid touching the lashes with any oil based products as this can lead to the breakdown of glue and eventually cause the extension to slide off the natural lash
  4. We always advise a water based eye make-up remover such as Simple eye wipes or liquid remover

And we hear Mink lashes are the bee's knees? What makes them so special?

Minks are the cream of the crop when it comes to lashes as they are lighter and more flexible. You can't underestimate the importance of good quality lashes and how they should sit and look on the natural lashes. Other lash brands can look too shiny or plastic and stiff whereas minks should mimic the natural hair. Be aware of cheap brands! We've launched our first lash range coming this week - The Luxury Mink Lash Range By The Lash Lounge - with classic, volume and flat lashes that are soft lightweight and flexible, creating a natural luxurious finish.

So how long are we lying down for, snoozing? 

There are various sets to choose from: a full set takes roughly 1.5hrs, a natural set has a 1-hour application time (every 2-3 natural lashes). Occasional sets take 30-40 minutes, corner lashes

Take 15-20 minutes - these allow you apply mascara to the rest of the lash line.

Is mascara a no-go with a full set?

We advise against mascara as the mascara will just cake and stick the lashes together, ruining your lovely set of fluffy full fluttering lashes. But if you're simply a mascara junkie and need to add a small bit you can purchase mascara especially designed for lash extensions as it's water based and doesn't clump the lashes. It's fine to use your own brand on the bottom. 

What if I want them to look really dramatic?

We will assess your natural lash first then advice on what's possible. We often find we have people looking for a certain celeb lashes but this is not always identically achievable as their own lashes may be naturally very short or sparse or weak so again we will chat about different options to suit a client and try understand their expectations However a classic set using Minks or flat lashes can only add length and volume to what is already there so if it's a case of them having extremely sparse lashes a volume set may suit better it is a much finer lash than the classic set which you apply 2-3 extensions on the natural lash fanning them out to add fullness it is more expensive and more time consuming anything up to 3 hours.