3 Stylist Approved Dry Shampoos To Save Your Life Between Washes

3 Stylist Approved Dry Shampoos To Save Your Life Between Washes
Caroline Foran
Caroline Foran

5 Jan 2017

Were it not for dry shampoo, we'd have to contend with washing our hair and drying it and styling it on a daily basis; a nightmare. Thankfully, this powdery spray has changed our lives for the better, giving us fresh looking hair within seconds, meaning more time spent hitting that snooze alarm. 

There are so many dry shampoos on the market right now though, so we went straight to hair stylist Sandra Fitzgerald to find out what the professionals are loving right now. Here's three that you might not have tried yet but are guaranteed to love. 

Bed Head Tigi - OH BEE HIVE!

This is a matte dry shampoo that's a little more expensive than your trusty Batiste but it smells divine - no hairspray/chemical vibes to the scent - and it feels so good in your hair. 

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L'Oreal Hair Touch Up

Now this one's an absolute winner if you're trying to hide greys or your roots as it not only freshens up your hair but gives it a hint of colour too; so make sure you buy the right shade for you. It's a life saver between trips to the salon, let alone hair-washing sessions.

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Bumble & Bumble Pret A Powder

This has long been a favourite of stylists the world over as it's a really nifty three in one. It's a dry shampoo, a style extender and super volumising benefits. Like the Bed Head baby above, this one too smells gorgeous. 

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