Spin Talk: The book that would make you put your phone down

Spin Talk: The book that would make you put your phone down
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly

2 Mar 2017

Today is World Book Day and to celebrate we asked you to tell us about a book you love.

It can hard to switch off from social media and electronic devices so we asked for recommendations for books that would make you put your phone down!

We got some great suggestions with the very first one coming from none other than Ireland rugby hero Jamie Heaslip, thanks Jamie!

We got some good recommendations for other sports biographies too, Andre Agassi, A.P.McCoy and Paul Gascoigne.

One book that got a lot of mentions was "The Shadow of the Wind"

It's a cracker according to this listener -  'The shadow of the win' is set in Barcelona. It's about a young boy who goes to a library with his Dad which holds all the forgotten books in the world. The young boy picks a book by Julian Carax called 'Shadow of the Wind' and loves it. He finds out that Carax wrote a series of books but for some strange reason the boy cannot locate any of Carax's other books. The young boy makes it his goal in life to find out more about the mystery surrounding Carax and the most unexpected twist in the tale is revealed. This book is phenomenal

Another one was Unravelling Oliver

Jenna texted us about The Hobbit

"My favourite book that I read at least once a year is JRR Tolkien The Hobbit. On the outside it looks like a book about a mystical place, but having read it the thing I take from it is that its a story about being set in your ways but taking the chance to leave your comfort zone and seeing the world anddifferent cultures and people and not settling for an ordinary average settled life! The films didnt do it justice at all! My dad first read it to me when I was 4, 24 years later I still read it!"

Aoife was in touch about one she loved

"Cecelia Ahern's book Flawed is an amazing read. Defo one to put your phone down for! Read it in 3 days and I am a slow reader. Can t wait for the 2nd one."

Tracy had a few faves to share as well

"A trilogy i was in love with in my youth about 13 or so was the dark materials trilogy by Phillip pullman! i loved them..first book was called northernlights...amazing read! captured my imagination n began my love of books.... a more recent love was the girl with the dragon tattoo...also ended up a trilogy!"

and Annie has read this one 8 times!!!

"Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is an amazing book. It s about what a character named Guy Montag who s job is to burn books and how he changes to loving them and wanting to protect them. Great Sci Fi book . Annie"

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their favourite books, it was LOADS of fun hearing why you love them so much.

At the show we had a few of our recommendations for you, if you love a tear jerker you'll love The Light Between Oceans (it's a film now with Michael Fassbender)

You will BAWL.

And another good one if you like a thriller with a twist is I Let You Go