10 Jul 2014

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“BAI”) has published the BAI Right of Reply Scheme.

The Scheme provides for the broadcast of a Right of Reply Statement that will facilitate the correction of incorrect information which has been broadcast and which has resulted in a person’s honour or reputation being impugned. The Scheme details the process for exercising a Right of Reply and the manner in which our listeners can avail of this process.

The BAI has developed the Scheme further to the requirements of the Broadcasting Act, 2009. It is intended to provide an opportunity for listeners to exercise their right to the correction of incorrect information without recourse to legal proceedings which may prove time-consuming and costly.

If you wish to request a Right of Reply, you should contact the Programme Director at SPIN 1038.  You can email directly at complaints@spin1038.com .


To access a copy of the Right of Reply Scheme in English, please click here:

To access a copy of the Right of Reply Scheme in Irish, please click here:

To download and read the SPIN 1038 Code of Practice for Complaints – Please Click HERE


Having reviewed and considered any request for a Right of Reply as outlined above and in the event that a decision is made not to offer a Right of Reply as requested, It is open to you to contact the BAI directly and request a review of this decision by the BAI’s Compliance Committee.