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Justin Bieber flips after paps call him names

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By: Georgie Gavin Fri, 8th Mar 2013

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Justin Bieber was today involved in a clash with a cameraman outside his hotel.

The 19-year-old pushed his way into a waiting car but then jumped out to confront the photographer who called him names and told him to get the 'f**k back to America'. 

*note - strong language

 Afterwards Justin Bieber tweeted: 

'Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me...

'Sometimes when people r shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u...well I'm human. Rough week

'Not gonna let them get the best of me again. Gonna get focused on this show tonight. Adrenaline is high now. Gonna put it on the stage

'Only way someone can break u is if u let them.'

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