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Lindsay Lohan's fight was over Max George!

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By: Spin 1038 Fri, 30th Nov 2012

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WHAT?! Reports this morning say Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched a woman in face because she was talking to Max George from The Wanted! 

Sources say Lindsay was in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night to see Justin Bieber and The Wanted and took a fancy to Max George. 

Afterward, she bumped into Max, Jay and Tom in a bar. 

A source says, “The four of them – along with a friend of Lilo’s – were drinking before heading off to Avenue club together. Come 4am, Lilo seemed quite drunk and you could see it was turning Max off. He then began talking to another woman, which is believed to have enraged Lindsay." 

Afterwards Max tweeted, 'Eventful night' while Lindsay was charged with misdemeanour assault. 

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