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Geordie Shore Season 5

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By: Georgie Gavin Wed, 14th Nov 2012

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The Geordie Shore cast are heading back into the house! 
They've been tweeting today to let fans know they're packing their bags and will be reunited tonight. 
Last night, in the latest episode on MTV we saw a massive fight between Charlotte and her boyfriend and she's since announced on Twitter that she's single once again. 
Here's what the cast tweeted today...
Gaz: 'Couple more hours on twitter then I am away back in the house for series 5.. No twitter for about a month :(but ill be partying HARD!!!!'
James: 'Packing can't believe it's time to go film series 5! Gunna make it a mint 1!!!'

Charlotte: 'Packing my life into suitcases because its that time again!!!! Going back to #Geordieshore gunna be a crazy winter'.

So will season 5 be more dramatic than this one? Or is that even possible! 

Geordie Shore cast at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards at the Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany

Check out the latest news on the One Direction movie (it will be released in Ireland BEFORE the USA) here:   

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