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Niall Horan and his Demi Tomato

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By: Georgie Gavin Thu, 18th Oct 2012

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The One Direction guys appeared on a TV3 special tonight to speak about 'The Story So Far'.

During the interview Niall Horan was asked about Demi Lovato. Niall has always insisted that he and Demi are just good friends but Demi has hinted she has a little crush. She says they Skype and text often. 

Tonight Niall's bandmates revealed that he calls has a pet name for Demi, he likes to call her 'Demi Tomato'

Niall turned the colour of a tomato but did admit it afterwards with Louis saying the pair were VERY good friends. Niall also admitted it was strange to see Simon and Demi speaking about him in an X Factor USA promo. 

Something else we learned tonight? Perrie's Mum put his blonde streak in his hair because she's a hairdresser!

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