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The cast of MTV’s The Valleys

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By: Spin 1038 Tue, 7th Aug 2012

Item thumb We've seen MTV's The Hills - now get ready for MTV's The Valleys.  Producers have taken the winning formula of Geordie Shore and moved it a little west into Wales.
MTV's The Valleys: Group picture 
It'll follow nine South Wales party-lovers as they move from the countryside to a house in Cardiff  together.  One slight difference in this series - there'll be some adult supervision in the form of mentors JK and Jordan (standing to the extreme left and right above) Let's meet the rest of the cast! Aron Williams, 19. Leisure centre assistant and student Three-time world champion kick boxer who says "I like getting tanned and pumped up at the gym. The other week I went out three nights in a row and shagged a different girl." Carley Belmonte, 21.  Call centre senior manager The party girl who says "We're not just a group of people who go out and get drunk, we're people who have life ambitions and we're all really driven, we pull together and back each." Darren Chidgey, 25.  Bricklayer Darren is a bit of a ladies man, he'd love to be a male model and says: "I'm not being big headed but I'm a good looking boy and I've got a good body. I get a lot of attention off people as it is." Jenna Jonathan, 21.  Law student Jenna says "You're only young once and your looks are going to fade. Law is a bit too boring; I've always wanted to model while I still can! Just because I look good doesn't mean I haven't got brains." Lateysha Grace, 19, Accounts administrator The Beyoncé lookalike wants her own brand of hair extensions, clothes and make-up and days"[My mum] always tells me before I go out, 'Don't kiss any boys'. That's all I do when I go out - I kiss boys and girls too, she's not going to be happy." Leeroy Reed, 21, Labourer Leeroy wants to be a musician and says "It's not about being rich, it's not about being famous, it's about being someone." Liam Powell, 26, Works for his dad's company The rugby player says he's the "only gay in the village" and wants a career as a DJ. He says: "One of the things I argued with people in the house about was that all they cared about was fame, being on the telly and screen time. For me it was an opportunity to get out of the rut that I'm in." Natalee Harris, 23, Call centre supervisor Natalee says "I'm quite a ladette. I'm honest, open and I'm not like anyone else. Good press or bad press, it's all some kind of press. There's going to be bitchiness and more hating but on a larger scale - it doesn't really bother me." She's calls her boobs Phil and Grant and says her hometown is "no place to be unless you're in an Adidas tracksuit and have no teeth". Nicole Morris, 19, Hair dresser Nicole wants to be a stylist and her motto is 'Don't hate me because you ain't me', she adds "I'd love to be famous, like anybody else would. I'd like a bit of Mark Wright. He's nice, I'd like to date him."
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