Red Bull Flugtag - Fully Charged's Story So Far

Red Bull Flugtag - Fully Charged's Story So Far
Callum Farmer
Callum Farmer

15 May 2018

Red Bull's Flugtag event hits Dún Laoghaire this Sunday, thousands of people will gather to watch competitors try and fly their own homemade flying machines the furthest across the water!

It's set to be a great day of fun, crazy dancing and a whole load of splashes. Check out the Red Bull website for more information on this free event!

SPIN's Breakfast Show - Fully Charged with Graham and Nathan have been tasked with creating their own Flugtag flying machine for the weekend! This is how the boys managed to come up with the idea of a Luas...

And here's what our Flugtag will look like! Hopefully the Luas will move faster than it does during rush hour in the city!


So we've got the design, all we need now is our team name...

Luas Drawing

The Luas'ers! Graham and Nathan recruited the station's resident Australian Nick K, Spin Hits' Peter Collins and the Fully Charged Producer Callum. Someone needed to be the Flugtag's pilot, so they posed the question to the listeners of Fully Charged...

So Producer Callum will be taking the helm and will fly that machine all the way over to the North Wales Coast! (pfft... there's certainly a bit of ambition there)

With only a few days to go, training is going VERY well...

The Luas FlugTag is slowly taking shape, Graham & Nathan are busy building after their show, check out how they're getting in their build diary!

With only a few days to go until the big day, Graham and Nathan are putting the final finishing touches to their Luas Flugtag, it's safe to say they've done a pretty good job!

Make sure you keep checking back to see how Fully Charged get on with their training, their performance and all importantly, their Flugtag!

Check out the Red Bull website for more information on an unmissable afternoon this Sunday!

Team Fully Charged

Team Fully Charged